Water Softeners (FRP)
Series P

  • For Sediments, Stains, CTO, Hardness, Salt removal from feed water
  • Capacity of up to 25 m³/hr
  • High grade media and resin
  • Automatic or manual backwash and regeneration with less regenerant required
  • Built-in piping and valves
  • FRP tank with capacity from up to 1,700 liter with No stains, No leakage
  • Factory tested to insure quality
  • 1 Year warranty

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Water Softener FRP

FRP Tanks

  • High quality FRP (fiberglass Reienforce Plastic) ank
  • Capacity up to 1700 litre
  • Pressure rating to 150psi
  • No stain
  • No leaks
  • Life time 10-15 years


Automatic Control Valvs

Automatic Control Valve

  • For automatic Service, Backwash, Regeneration
  • LED Display
  • Upto 99 days timer
  • Interlock funtion
  • Remote input
  • pressure releaf out put
  • Easy to use


Manual Control Valvs

Manual Control Valve

  • For manual Service, Backwash, Regeneration
  • Easy to use


High Grade Filter Media Resin

High Grade Filter Media

  • Anthracite : for Sediment Removal
  • Manganese Green Sand : for Stain Removal
  • Activated Carbon : for Chlorine, Tastes and Odors Removal
  • Resin (Na+) : for Hardness Removal
  • Resin (H+) : for Salt Removal


 FRP Tank Specification

Tank Size


Tank Cap.


Media Cap.


Flow rate


P10 10x54 60 50 1
P12 12x52 100 80 1.5
P16 16x65 100 130 2.5
P21 21x62 300 210 4.5
P24 24x72 450 310 6.0
P36 36x72 1,000 700 15
P48 48x72 1,700 1,200 25
P60 60x96 2,500 1,700 35


 Ordering information
 FRP Tank with Automatic Control
 Filter media   P10   P12   P16   P21 
 Anthracite P101 P121 P161 P211
 Manganese Sand P102 P122 P162 P212
 Activated Carbon P103 P123 P163 P213
 Resin (Na+) P104 P124 P164 P214
 Resin (H+) P100 P120 P160 P210


 Ordering information
 FRP Tank with Automatic Control
 Filter media   P24   P36   P48   P60 
 Anthracite P241 P361 P481 P601
 Manganese Sand P242 P362 P482 P602
 Activated Carbon P243 P363 P483 P603
 Resin (Na+) P244 P364 P484 P604
 Resin (H+) P240 P360 P480 P600


 Ordering information
 FRP Tank with Manual Control
 Filter media  P10   P12   P16   P21 
 Anthracite P105 P125 P165 P215
 Manganese Sand P106 P126 P166 P216
 Activated Carbon P107 P127 P167 P217
 Resin (Na+) P108 P128 P168 P218
 Resin (H+) P109 P129 P169 P219


 Ordering information
 FRP Tank with Manual Control
 Filter media   P24   P36   P48   P60 
 Anthracite P245 P365 P485 P605
 Manganese Sand P246 P366 P486 P606
 Activated Carbon P247 P367 P487 P607
 Resin (Na+) P248 P368 P488 P608
 Resin (H+) P249 P369 P489 P609