• About us

     Acropore Technology Co, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of water purification systems for industrial market under brand Acropore® by using proven technologies. Our systems are equipped with hight quality components, filtration media and membranes. Acropore® water purifiers are manufactured by well-trained engineers and high quality raw materials to ensure the high quality and performance. Our technical services are also ready to support our customers for problems. We also support customers with ready-to-ship components and spare parts, to ensure that your system will continuously work well with minimum downtime.


Our Vision and Mission

     Our aim is to produce the highest quality and performance systems to solve our customers water and waste water problems form the small scale to a big solution system at resonable budget. We also aspire to provide the exellent service to your problems even a small case.
     Our mission is to protect the environment and make a solution or supplying a wide range of advanced water treatment products and services which meet our customers expectations in terms of quality, reliability, cost and service.


Our Team

     Our team of engineers who have relevant experience in their fields have gained immense expert in the different areas of waste water and environmental engineering, including designing, production, installation, surveying, civil construction and more. They work in coordination with the customer to provide solutions specific to their needs. Our highly qualified management team of technichian and service for continuity and confidence. We offer a unique mix of experience and innovation, wisdom and vision.